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In 2015 I “semi-retired”, and Anat and I agreed that after many years with only short vacations we would take advantage of my new status by embarking on one long trip each year.

We did our first long trip in 2017, traveling the “Trans Mongolian Express” from Moscow to Beijing and in 2018 we went on an 8-week journey in Africa. In 2019 we did a number of shorter trips. Unfortunately, the Arctic “safari” we had booked was canceled last minute and we replaced it with an exploration of some of Eastern Canada’s cities and states. In 2020 we were lucky enough to do a cross-country road trip in the US, mostly before the Covid-19 lock-downs started.

While we (mostly Anat) post pictures on Facebook and other social media, this blog is where we build a more complete and enduring record of our adventures, both for ourselves and for friends and family.

The “blogger” blog we set up for our 2017 travels didn’t work that well for us, so we switched to a proper WordPress blog in 2018. I have imported the 2017 posts into this blog, but for those interested, here is a pdf document about our 2017 travels that has been edited for easier reading. In addition to the Trans Mongolian Express, these posts include a bike trip from Paris to Amsterdam and a weeklong family vacation in Hungary.

So why Vines and Forest? Gafni is the Hebrew word for “vine” and Bosch the (old) Dutch word for forest.